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Project Quebec

Église chrétienne réformée de Beauce | St. Georges, Quebec

As the Mission Board in Owen Sound, with the support of individuals and the Canadian Reformed Churches, we encourage and support the work of Pastor Paulin Bedard in Église chrétienne réformée de Beauce, St. Georges, Quebec. Along with Pastor Mario Veilleux and others in the ERQ Federation, we see the wonderful work Christ is doing with our Francophone friends.

Since 1998, along with his wife Claire, Pastor Bedard creates or translates material for catechism, Bible studies, training of office bearers and pre-confession and pre-marital courses – all of which has been made available to the entire ERQ federation and other French-speaking countries. He also translates and publishes articles to “Ressources chretiennes”, an online Christian library containing a wide range of theological and biblical articles in French. These articles act as resources to the French-speaking community around the world and also aid in the training of pastors and church leaders. Through the website, readers are able to connect with Pastor Bedard and ask questions related to the articles. Pastor Bedard also continues to be involved in local congregational work. He teaches catechism classes to adults and teenagers, leads a monthly Bible study, preaches once a month, and makes pastoral visits.

Our Quebec friends’ passion to learn and live for their God, their deliberate combat with the flesh and world, and their excitement to share the Gospel is inspiring. We praise God for the work of gathering His people through His Spirit and Word – to all ends of our country and globe! May we stand in awe of His powerful Gospel that converts souls and transforms lives.

Grow in Grace and Living Word

Watch the video below for the most recent updates to the new translations!

Our Mission

  1. To continue to support the congregation in St. Georges financially, spiritually and fraternally.
  2. To support Rev. Bedard for ongoing development of Reformed Church life
  3. To enable the church at St. Georges to continue the work of local evangelism
  4. To continue nurturing the beautiful relationship we have with the church at St. Georges and to strengthen the bonds that we have as federations in ecclesiastical fellowship


To learn more of the congregational life and work in St.Georges and the ERQ, please visit them online at:http://beauce.erq.qc.ca/


We are very thankful for the support the Lord has so graciously given through the churches of our federation. We plan on maintaining our visits and support with St. Georges and will continue keeping our supporters informed on developments via reports and submissions to Mission news. It is our ongoing prayer that the Lord will continue to provide so that His Kingdom gathering work may flourish in the province of Quebec.

We ask that you continue to support this important work financially, as possible and also prayerfully remembering Rev. Bedard in his work. We also ask that you prayerfully remember our brothers and sisters in Christ there as they continue to face the challenges of living for Christ in a Roman Catholic and secular society.

Donations to support Project Quebec can be sent by:

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Donations can also be sent by mail to:
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